The Importance of Treatment and Routine for Recovery

Beginning an addiction recovery journey can be scary. You may feel shame, embarrassment, or complete vulnerability, but know you are not alone, and there is a bright future ahead. It can be difficult to take that first step and ask for help. There are many resources available to provide guidance and support along the way.

One of the best ways to support your recovery is by developing a routine you can stick to

A routine can help you along your recovery journey in several ways. Creating and sticking to a schedule can provide structure, help you develop self-control, and improve your physical and mental health.

Create a new normal

A new routine can replace your feelings of fear with those of stability. A routine can also provide a sense of security when you feel vulnerable. This is when you replace your substance use disorder behaviors with new, healthy practices.

Develop self control

After the initial stages of addiction recovery, self-control becomes an important component of your long-term success. Self-control is like a muscle you can exercise. Resisting the temptation to stay in bed all day or eat unhealthy snacks is practice for future urges to use drugs or alcohol. When temptation comes, self-control can help you resist the urge to return to old behaviors.

Improve mental health

Establishing constructive routines can help people improve their mental health and raise their self-esteem. Consider the increased confidence you feel when you get up early to exercise or when you reach a goal you’ve been striving toward. The little “wins” of sticking to a schedule can help you feel in control and accomplished.

Avoid boredom

A routine with structure facilitates long-term sobriety by preventing boredom. Develop a schedule that avoids hours of time with nothing planned. A schedule for sobriety should include constructive habits like attending therapy sessions, exercise, along with fun activities like hobbies. Staying busy can help you improve your life while avoiding the circumstances that could trigger a return to old habits.

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