Achieve Whole Recovery – Finding purpose in your recovery

When you start drug or alcohol addiction treatment at the Denver Health Addiction Recovery Center, you may feel defeated or struggle with feelings of self-worth. Finding a purpose can help alter those negative feelings, leading to encouragement and even self-confidence.

Focus on these points in finding your purpose while on the road to recovery

Having a purpose in your life provides focus on something other than your addiction. Your purpose can be anything that is important to you. It may be family, friends, a pet, or a job. You may be passionate about helping others through their recovery. Having a purpose each day gives you a reason to get out of bed.

When you establish a routine, you spend your day accomplishing tasks, instead of focusing on using drugs or negative thoughts.  Getting up and going to bed around the same time as well as eating nutritious foods consistently contributes to your physical and mental recovery.

Create a goal that’s important to you. Make a simple statement about what you are going to accomplish today. “I’m going to go out and apply for a job.” “I am going to take a walk to the park today”.

Set yourself up with the right tools. Be specific about what you wish to achieve. Keep your goals attainable. Aim to clean one area like the kitchen instead of the whole house. If your purpose is your children, consider what you can do to make your time with them meaningful like reading a story or playing a game.

Reflect on what you accomplished every day. Think about future goals. Finding your purpose is a process. As you add meaning and responsibility to each day, you’ll find yourself achieving more and building a healthy life.

Our Denver Health Addiction Recovery Center can help you find purpose and meaning during treatment.

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