Addiction Medicine Telehealth Denver

Addiction Medicine Telehealth for Denver

If you are fighting with addiction in Denver, you shouldn’t have to struggle alone. Even if you don’t have reliable transportation, can’t get enough time off work, or feel stressed and nervous about going to a treatment center, there’s a way Achieve Whole Recovery can help with our new addiction medicine telehealth service. Addiction telehealth allows us to meet our patient’s needs better than ever in ways that are most convenient for them. It’s just one of the many ways Achieve Whole Recovery is here to help. 

Addiction medicine telehealth appointments are available Monday – Friday between the hours of 9am-11am and 1pm-4:45pm. One of our skilled healthcare professionals will assist you after you’ve signed in and joined the virtual waiting room, and all addiction telehealth calls are accessible from the AWR website for your convenience. There is a specific addiction treatment online waiting room for the Denver area that ensures you’re connected with a professional near you.

Get started today by signing in and begin the path to recovery!

Your initial addiction medicine telehealth appointment is the most important step in your path to recovery because it allows us to assess your needs and create treatment recommendations that are unique to you. Once you’ve agreed to the treatment plan, there are a few more steps we will need you to take so we can provide care safely.

Please keep in mind that we typically cannot provide prescription medication until the first two steps below have been completed:

1.      Intake paperwork and insurance information are required before we can provide care. We need your consent to do so, and the paperwork is proof of your consent. Paperwork will be provided by our administrative team after you join the virtual waiting room.

2.      Urine Drug Screens are needed for Addiction Medicine treatment to begin. No “scheduled” medication can be prescribed without it. Please provide us with your Urine Drug Screen sample as soon as you’re able to so we can release the prescriptions we may have. Patients can either provide a urine drug screen sample at one of our physical locations, or we can mail a urine drug screen collection kit to your home if you live more than 30 minutes away from one of our clinics.

3.      Serum lab work tells us if you’re in good health before treatment and helps us ensure you’re healthy throughout treatment. Your Medical Provider may order your lab work to be drawn at Commercial Labs like Quest or Labcorp. While it is not needed for medication, lab work is necessary for us to continue care.


4.      Currently, addiction medicine telehealth appointments and treatment are only available to residents of Colorado. We are currently not licensed to provide medical care outside of Colorado.

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