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If you or someone you love struggle with mental health or addiction, our EXCELLENT team of psychiatric practitioners are here to helpYou deserve to be treated with dignity, compassion, and respectYou also deserve to receive the help you want right nowNo waitlists, no appointments scheduled out weeks or months, no barriers to receive the care you need todayClick the button below to connect with our medical teams nowAnd not to be repetitive, but now means right nowIf you click the button below, you will immediately be connected to our medical team waiting rooms, where our medical team will prepare you to work with one of our excellent psychiatry providersWe will need to fill out some required paperwork first and verify your insurance benefitsFrom there, you will work with our team step by step until you achieve the outcome you desireThe wait is over, click the button below to start your journey.

Your telehealth appointment is just the first step towards reaching your goals, helping our professionals understand your unique situation and the best treatment recommendations they can make. If you agree with the treatment plan, there will be additional steps you will need to follow in order for us to provide care safely and effectively. Please also keep in mind the following:

         1. We need intake paperwork and insurance information completed in order to begin treatment. This paperwork serves as your consent to the treatment, and we cannot start treatment until we have received consent. This paperwork will be given to you by a member of our administrative team while you are in the online waiting room.

          2. Urine Drug Screens are a requirement for Addiction Medicine Treatment. We will not prescribe any “scheduled” medication without it, so we recommend you provide us with a urine sample at your earliest convenience.

        3. Serum lab work helps us ensure you are in good health and remain that way throughout the recovery process. Your Medical Lab Provider can order labwork to be done at Commercial Labs near you. While we do not require labwork to start medications, it is needed for us to continue with your care.

        4. Currently, we only offer treatment to those living in Colorado. We are not licensed to provide care outside of the state at this time.

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