Urinalysis Testing in Denver, CO

Urinalysis is a urine test that checks for the presence of drugs in the body. Urinalysis commonly screens for drugs like opioids, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, amphetamines, and barbiturates. It can help physicians detect potential drug abuse problems before starting a rehabilitation plan.

If you’re struggling with alcohol and opioids addiction in Denver, CO, Achieve Whole Recovery has the solution you need. We will offer an outpatient treatment plan involving regular urine test to ensure you recover from the addiction problem. You can get same-day drug testing by simply searching “urinalysis testing locations near me,” Denver.

Who Needs Urinalysis Testing?

There are several scenarios where a urinalysis may be essential. For example, your physician may require you to take this test if they feel that you may have an alcohol or opioid addiction. A psychiatrist may also ask you to take this test if they notice your behavior looks dangerous or strange.

A drug test can come in handy for employers who require alert and focused employees. Some employers may require you to take this test before you secure a job. Some of the jobs that require sobriety include truck driving and air traffic control.

Besides, if you’re under a drug and alcohol rehabilitation plan, your doctor may recommend regular urinalysis tests to assess your recovery progress. This ensures people with drug addictions stay sober for a more straightforward recovery process. The officer in charge of your parole or probation may also request random urine tests to confirm your sobriety.

At Achieve Whole Recovery, we offer affordable urinalysis in Denver to help you manage alcohol and opioid addiction. We have a team of lab experts who will take care of your urinalysis process with discretion, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information leaking.

What Urinalysis Results Mean?

A urine test depicts information about what’s happening in your body. The examination may reveal that you need more attention or follow-up. The next course of action after the results depends on the reason you took the test. For instance, if the results show drugs’ presence, you can immediately start a rehabilitation and recovery plan.

Get Superior Urinalysis Testing at Achieve Whole Recovery

At Achieve Whole Recovery, we have different urinalysis testing locations in Denver, CO, thus offering the convenience of instant results same day, but full results will still take three days. Whether you have a doctor’s order or not, our professional technicians will provide quality urinalysis and will do everything possible to safeguard your personal information.

If you need alcohol and opioid treatment in Denver, we have top-quality psychiatric services to help you recover from the addiction. Contact us online or give us a call at 719-373-9703 today to learn more about our urinalysis testing in Denver, Colorado.

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