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At Achieve Whole Recovery we are dedicated to the compassionate care of people who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues. We serve Colorado patients in Colorado Springs, Denver, Westminster, and the surrounding areas with intensive outpatient treatment for alcohol or opioid use disorders and the mental health issues that may co-occur. Treatment is tailored by our skilled staff to meet the needs of each individual. The tools we use to offer help include Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), psychiatry, and therapy.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

If our thorough assessment shows that MAT is appropriate to help an individual in his/her alcohol or opioid addiction recovery, then we turn to the latest evidence-based medical treatments. For treating substance abuse, we prefer two medication types: Buprenorphine and Vivitrol.


Available as an injectable or sublingual format, buprenorphine is particularly effective for people who are addicted to opioids. It works by attaching to the same brain receptors as opioids, without causing the same euphoria. By engaging these receptors, withdrawal symptoms are reduced or eliminated. 

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Vivitrol is the first non-addictive medication that has been proved to help prevent opioid dependence relapse when used after detox in combination with counseling. This once-monthly injection blocks opioid receptors, preventing individuals from experiencing the dopamine response to opioids. This enables people to focus on counseling as they move forward in recovery. 

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Our psychiatric staff diligently processes patients. Our team then works cohesively with the patient to create treatment plans for addiction, and manage mental health conditions. It is not unusual for an individual to suffer from mental health disorders and have his, or her condition co-occur with addiction. We address these underlying problems to help the recovery process.  The psychiatric department prescribes and manages medications.

Mental Health Therapy

Addiction is not just about the substance used. Having a compassionate professional therapist to listen and help you walk through the emotional issues surrounding addiction is very helpful in seeking recovery. Our therapists are skilled in assisting people to face the issues that often come hand-in-hand with addiction.

If you or a loved one is seeking help with recovering from addiction, please contact our office to set up an initial consultation